Sunday, 24 February 2013

Green Marines!

Just thought I would post a few of the "Greenies" I have been working on. 12 Games played with the new codex, won 10 , lost 1 (Pesky Eldar) and had a draw. Figured it was about time I got some greens in the list.....

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A New Dawn

Well it arrived, I bought it, used it 5 times, undefeated. Of course I am talking about the new "Codex: Dark Angels"

Do I like it? Oh yeah! The interesting thing of note being that I have played games from 1750 pts through to 3500 pts and the new book really holds up well! I have played Grey Knights, Orks, Space Wolves (Who got fully tabled!) and Eldar, so I feel that I have tested the depth of the Codex well.

So whats the plan? Terminator spam? Tried that, it worked well. Then I dusted off the Ravenwing, always owned, never even painted or played with them! As I felt the rules were below average. I added a Nephilim Fighter just for air cover 3 Black Knights and a fully juiced Ravenwing command squad to add some buffs in. I use a tactic of all strike one part of the enemy line (usually at the weakest point) and the "Standard of Devastation" is just crazy. 

The Codex has some nice additions but I have really not added much in to my old lists currently, just the change of rules has been enough to tip the scales (and the fact that most power weaps are now ap 3! Termies rule!) The new parts will get used and I will report on the battles over the coming year. I am also aiming to play the UK tournament circuit from April this Year (I Want everything painted and worked out first though!) and I hope to keep the Blog updated as I go! 

I have began to paint the units too! I will update the blog a few times over the coming months showing the Nephilim, Bikers and Specialist units that I am now working on. Seriously nice colour schemes, simple but very effective and I have enjoyed making a start on the mini's!

Happy Battles!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Techmarine - 75 points of ........

Ever been in a situation where you had some points left over from list building? Last week I played an Eldar army at 2000 points (couldn't find the camera, hence no battle report sadly!). I wanted to experiment with some of the tanks I am working on and took some Speeders and Dreads too. I wanted to try and build a line breaking, highly mobile list using Ravenwing as outriders and my scoring units.

All in all I was happy with the list and will run it again after a few small refinements. I had 75 points left over at the end. I (being a mainly Deathwing player) had never even considered a Techmarine, and considering I had 3 Tanks, 3 Speeders, 3 Dreadnoughts figured he could at least make a few "machine spirits" repair.

What I got from him was a real surprise! He survived solo all game weaving out of LOS and keeping up with the battle line, he eventually joined a combat Vs 3 Harlequins and promptly killed them all and heroically defended my home objective (His 2+ armour is great!)

I decided he had to have a paint job worthy of his deeds so here he is!   

Friday, 19 October 2012

Reflection - What I said........

Back in 2011 I played the UK 40k Open tournament scene, mainly around the North West. The people were nice (if a little clic-quey!) I used pure Deathwing and broke the top 100 uk players as per RankingsHQ, which was my goal. This year (2012!) I have withdrawn from the tourney scene due to personal circumstances (change of job, family commitments etc) but I intend to return to competative gaming soon!

During this phase of my life I wrote an artice for UK rankings on the viability of "Deathwing" under 5th Ed rules. I have added the article below for you to comment on and I will post a response from my viewpont under 6th Ed very soon!


Well thats a fair question, I love the Gothic background, our fluff is one of Games Workshops oldest creations, and we have a special uniqueness that appeals to me personally, The Deathwing.

Given all the new Codex updates Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Necrons, Etc I wanted to discuss my thoughts on our current standing.

I have competed in 2011 in 4 tournaments, I didnt win any (/shrug) but I won a fair few games and learnt a lot about my army which has been "Pure Deathwing" for all 4. I have been smashed cleanly off the table by certain builds and I have repaid that favor on many an occasion.

Ok so I run maxium Terminator squads with Belial at all points levels. I add a "Godhammer" if the points allow to add some anti tank to the list. This gives me a very low model count, highly elite, slow moving, mid range force. Doesn't sound to great huh? Well we have some advantages! Firstly and most importantly is the psychology.

Most opponents I have encountered have very rarely faced the all Terminator threat and become easily flustered at all that invunerable saving throw sat on the table, in a word some panic! This is where you really get you opportunity to win a game because trust me, you will have to earn some wins! 

Secondly I blanket fit all my squads wih cyclone launchers. This makes me be able to really sit deep in my half and "reach out" and "touch" armour and light infantry. I have 1 exception to this rule. I run 1 mixed squad, I call them the tacticals. They have an assault cannon and are usually the unit that gets removed first, but thats ok if you planned it that way! Remember the enemy have to shoot at something, better it be your choice than thiers!

Deep Strike? Sure why not? Ok it can be risky but it has won me more games than lost me. I lost my "command squad", Belial and a Terminator Librarian all on a mishap at a recent tournament, guess what? 3 remaining Terminators in turn 6 still claimed 2 objectives and I won! They can be very, very resillient if the dice allow! This is a choice you must make at each table you come to. If it is not a tactical advantage to Deep Strike, don't do it! If the table has little scenery to trouble you, sensible placement shoulld practically guarantee they land safely.

I often choose the Librarian over the Interrogator as a second HQ. Mainly due to the fact he has the most powerful "hood" in 40k and its rangeless! I stick him in obscure places just to shut down the pesky meddlings of the warp! He can seriously ruin an Eldar turn with a few good rolls, Chaos too if the "Lash"list is out!

The list could be tuned to run total TH/SS! This list does not collapse easilly but I find it is very sterile and although hard to kill off, it isnt the most fun to play in certain mission types. I opt for a TH/SS unit I call my "Command Squad" this includes the Standard and the Apothecary. who has lightning claws. These again are a great bullet magnet with 3+ inv, feel no pain, usually 5 IC wounds to mitigate over as well!

Let the record show that you will more than likely get mauled against the Chaos "Lash Whip / Obliterator" Combo due to plasma templates on bunched squads, same also for any plasma based marine build! But ya cant win 'em all eh?

So can they still cut it? I have beaten most of the newer codex builds over the last 12 months and when played well, the Deathwing build of the Dark Angels is still tough to beat, but I would say that to get wins prepare to use tactica and hold on! You may only have a handful of Terminators left at the end of a game
but its where they are stood that counts! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus

Ok so his rules ain't great (Unless you play Chaos alot!) - But he is a new Dark Angel so I aquired one and have started painting him! I envisage he will lead my "Gunslinging" Veterans. I like the detail on this minature and he has been fun to paint so far!

Predators - WIP

A few snaps of some old Predators I rescued from Ebay! I dunked them in Brake Fluid and re painted them to the above standard. Sadly they were glued together badly and have glue steaks and smears on the body work. I "roughed" them up a bit and I think they look ok! They will join a new "Line-breaker" unit I am assembling for when I can be brave enough to leave the Terminators at home!

I need to apply some further weathering/grime and the weapons need finishing but they are WIP so it's ok!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Battle Update: Necrons Vs Deathwing 2000pts

I was scheduled to play my regular gaming pal, Steel. Mr Steel has a range of armies including Necron, Tau, Eldar, Blood Angels/ Vanilla Marines, so he is often difficult to plan ahead for! We had agreed standard 6th Ed rules and allowed for 2000 points each.

I selected my list to be flexible and able to cope in most situations :

Belial                    -130 pts
Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield

Librarian                -145 pts
Deathwing Terminator Squad ALPHA      -235 pts
3 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist
1 x Sgt Storm Bolter / Power Sword   
1 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist / Cyclone   

Deathwing Terminator Squad BRAVO      -235 pts
3 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist
1 x Sgt Storm Bolter / Power Sword
1 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist / Cyclone   

Deathwing Terminator Squad CHARLIE   -235 pts
3 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist
1 x Sgt Storm Bolter / Power Sword
1 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist / Cyclone   

Deathwing Terminator Squad DELTA        -245 pts
2 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist
1 x Lightning Claw
1 x Sgt Storm Bolter / Power Sword
1 x Assault Cannon           

Deathwing Terminator Squad ECHO         -290 pts
2 x Thunder Hammer / SS
1 x Thunder Hammer / SS / Standard   
1 x Lightning Claw/Apothecary       
1 x Thunder Hammer / SS / Cyclone       

Deathwing Terminator Squad FOXTROT       -235 pts
3 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist
1 x Sgt Storm Bolter / Power Sword   
1 x Storm Bolter / Power Fist / Cyclone    

1 x Landraider                 -250 pts

TOTAL     - 2000 Pts

Game Type: Emperors Will  Deployment Type: Dawn of War. Enemy: Tau /Necron
Result: Deathwing Win 8-1 (Both Objectives (6), First Blood(1), Line Breaker(1) - Warlord (1)

The Battlefield was arranged as above:

Necron/Tau would deploy on the North edge, Deathwing on the Southern Edge. The Necron player placed his objective in the ruins on the North West Ridge, Deathwing objective was placed in the South East, but in open terrain between a blasted out bunker and a ruined building.

Necrons/Tau deployed first, Deathwing second.

The Deathwing decide to deploy 4 terminator squads, Squad Delta was embarked upon the Landraider, Belial and the command team were in reserve for the "Deathwing Assault". The Necrons begin first tun under the cover of Night fighting, cutting down the shooting options, then they pop a solar pulse and things light up just a little. A terminator unit takes a hit direct from the Doomsday Ark, its an AP large blast catching 5 men! 2 Terminators make saves and live to fight on! All in all relatively unscathed though!

Belial Lands his unit directly within 7 inches of the enemy objective, looking down the guns of 6 fire warriors, 20 Necrons and a Doomsday Ark! The unit Cylcone kills 3 Fire Warriors, and prepares to get shot at! At the home objective the Landraider trundled forward popping of a few Necrons, a Terminator Squad noticed fast moving Wraiths in some distant rubble and positioned ready to fire.

Necron Turn 2: No enemy flyer arrives buying the Deathwing a little more time! The Command Squad get shot with everything that the Necron Tau back line have, this game could be decided quickly! Amazingly the Command Squad fails only 2 wounds and the Apothecary saves one! The Wraiths move to within 12 inches and could charge with a lucky dice roll, they get 10 an narrowly miss out, the snap firing Terminators kill 2 Wraiths for trying it!

Deathwing Turn 2: Belial splits off and squares up 2 inches from the remaining Fire Warriors, his command squad move to within 2 inches of both the remaining Necron Squad of 17 and the Doomsday Ark. The Landraider nips off a Tau battle suit as does a terminator squad led by the Librarian. The overwatching Terminators fail to kill a single Wraith and brace for a charge, Belial murders the Fire Warriors, the Doomsday Ark is mangled with a Thunder Hammer and explodes! The combat leaves 6 Necrons dead to one Terminator. The Necrons failed the morale check and fled a whole 12 inches, completely off the table. Leaving the Enemy objective in Deathwing hands!

Necron Turn 3: Necron Immortals, who had been holding the Enemy centre diverted toward the home objective gunning down a Terminator from the Command Squad, The Night Scythe zipped on and zapped Belial dead giving the Enemy "Kill the Warlord VP". But it was a mere consolation as the Wraiths charged the Terminators on the Deathwing objective and failed to inflict a single wound and then lost 2 Wraiths to powerfists!

Deathwing Turn 3: The Landraider spots the Night Scythe and rolls 3 sixes to take it down in spectacular fashion! The 3 remaining Command Squad charge the Immortals near the Necron Objective utterly destroying them, the remaining Terminators chip out 2 more Tau Battlesuits.

At this poin the Game was called as my opponent had 2 Tau Battlesuits and 4 Crypteks left! I had both Objectives and 17 Terminators left from 5 Squads, I had achieved "Line Breaker / First Blood" Making it a decisive victory! On reflection my opponent was badly hurt by the dice in a number of critical situations, whilst I made some incredible saves at critical times! That's why I love Deathwing, a Terminator ALWAYS has a chance!